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Old Mutual Global Equity Fund (A)

Old Mutual Global Equity Fund (A)
Fund Code: OMGA
Inception Date: 02 June 2000
Regulation 28 Compliant: No

Pricing and Rank Information
Latest price 18 November 2019 R 31.76
12 month sector rank57 / 67
12 month overall rank328 / 1265
12 month volatility13.15
Performance as at 18 November 2019 1
3 months 5.09% 0.00% 5.09%
6 months 7.35% 0.00% 7.35%
1 year 12.54% 0.00% 12.54%
3 years 35.87% 0.00% 35.87%
5 years 86.16% 0.15% 86.31%
Fund fee and expense information
Management company annual fee2 2.01%
Negotiated management company rebate 0.29%
Fund TER as at 30 June 2019 2.09%
Less management company rebate 0.29%
Total Fund Expense 1.80%
Assets under management
Latest total assetsR 16,548.63m
Assets as at 30 September 2019 R 16,556.70m
Previous quarterR 16,137.75m
MoveR 418.95m
Income declaration and payment
Declaration30 June 2019
PaymentR 0.00

Fees include VAT

  1. Price performances are based on historical price data, using a NAV price by NAV price comparison and exclude management company initial fees. Income performances are based on interest and dividend distributions of the fund.
  2. Management company annual fees are included into price and distributions paid.

Price History

Asset Allocation as at 30 September 2019
Domestic Bonds R 0.00m (0%)  
Foreign Bonds R 0.00m (0%)
Domestic Cash R 249.51m (1.51%)  
Foreign Cash R 236.66m (1.43%)
Domestic Equity R 0.00m (0%)  
Foreign Equity R 16058.00m (96.99%)
Domestic Property R 0.00m (0%)  
Foreign Property R 12.53m (0.08%)

Top Holdings Top Holdings Top Holdings
As at end September 2019 As at end June 2019 As at end March 2019
Foreign - Equities 57.21% Foreign - Equities 57.66% USA - Foreign Investments 29.10%
Apple Computer Company 2.10% Microsoft Corporation 2.04% Japan - Foreign Investments 6.52%
Microsoft Corporation 2.08% Apple Computer Company 1.98% Europe - Foreign Investments 6.17%
Amazon.Com 1.61% Cash on call 1.83% United Kingdom - Foreign Investments 4.90%
Cash on call 1.51% Amazon.Com 1.70% Canada - Foreign Investments 2.35%
Foreign - Currency 1.43% Facebook Incorporation 1.34% Australia - Foreign Investments 2.10%
Facebook Incorporation 1.21% JP Morgan Chase & Company 1.33% Cash on call 2.06%
Visa Inc 1.06% Foreign - Currency 1.19% Apple Computer Company 1.67%
Cisco Systems Incorporated 0.98% Visa Inc 1.12% Microsoft Corporation 1.41%
Novartis AG 0.92% Mastercard Inc 1.07% Foreign - Currency 1.20%
Total 70.11% Total 71.26% Total 57.48%

Fund Manager(s)

Ian Heslop

Amadeo Alentorn

Mike Servent

Fund Overview
The fund aims to offer superior returns over the medium to longer term by investing in shares from developed countries around the world. This fund is suited to investors wanting to diversify their portfolios by adding an international equity component or investors who are taking a specifi c view on the performance of global equity relative to other asset classes. The fund has a broad-based exposure to quality shares from developed countries across the globe. The fund is managed by Merian Global Investors, who aims to maximise returns by managing country and sector exposure. This fund remains as fully invested in foreign equities as possible, given regulatory constraints. The fund aims to offer exposure to a specifi c asset class. It therefore holds a higher allocation to international assets and equities than what is allowed in terms of Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act. This fund is therefore not Regulation 28 compliant.
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