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Foord Flexible FoF (B2)

Foord Flexible FoF (B2)
Worldwide--Multi Asset--Flexible
Fund Code: FFCB2
Inception Date: 05 March 2012
Regulation 28 Compliant: No

Pricing and Rank Information
Latest price 18 November 2019 R 30.25
12 month sector rank47 / 86
12 month overall rank423 / 1265
12 month volatility8.96
Performance as at 18 November 2019 1
3 months 4.67% 1.07% 5.74%
6 months 6.62% 1.09% 7.71%
1 year 8.05% 2.56% 10.61%
3 years 9.68% 7.23% 16.91%
5 years 32.61% 11.88% 44.49%
Fund fee and expense information
Management company annual fee2 0.69%
Negotiated management company rebate 0.00%
Fund TER as at 30 September 2019 0.49%
Less management company rebate 0.00%
Total Fund Expense 0.49%
Assets under management
Latest total assetsR 8,690.30m
Assets as at 30 September 2019 R 8,708.87m
Previous quarterR 8,999.25m
MoveR -290.38m
Income declaration and payment
Declaration31 August 2019
PaymentR 0.299

Fees include VAT

  1. Price performances are based on historical price data, using a NAV price by NAV price comparison and exclude management company initial fees. Income performances are based on interest and dividend distributions of the fund.
  2. Management company annual fees are included into price and distributions paid.

Price History

Asset Allocation as at 30 September 2019
Domestic Bonds R 1711.90m (19.66%)  
Foreign Bonds R 418.05m (4.8%)
Domestic Cash R 966.04m (11.09%)  
Foreign Cash R 231.76m (2.66%)
Domestic Equity R 710.27m (8.16%)  
Foreign Equity R 4356.49m (50.02%)
Domestic Property R 210.91m (2.42%)  
Foreign Property R 103.44m (1.19%)

Top Holdings Top Holdings Top Holdings
As at end September 2019 As at end June 2019 As at end March 2019
Foord Absolute Return Fund 35.97% Foord Absolute Return Fund 38.69% Foord Absolute Return Fund 38.54%
Foord Global Equity Fund 35.04% Foord Global Equity Fund 35.51% Foord Global Equity Fund 34.73%
Foord International Fund 25.28% Foord International Fund 24.76% Foord International Fund 26.17%
Other assets 3.56% Other assets 0.93% Other assets 0.46%
Foord Global Equity Feeder Fund 0.15% Foord Global Equity Feeder Fund 0.10% Foord Global Equity Feeder Fund 0.10%
Total 100.00% Total 99.99% Total 100.00%

Fund Manager(s)

Dave Foord

Fund Overview
The assets of the portfolio shall, apart from assets in liquid form, be solely invested in a mix of participatory interests in portfolios invested in South African and global equity securities, property securities, non-equity securities and money market investments. The underlying portfolios of collective investment schemes shall be registered in South Africa or other similar schemes operating in territories with a regulatory environment which is to the satisfaction of the manager and trustee of sufficient standard to provide protection at least equivalent to that in South Africa. In order to achieve the investment objective, the manager shall have maximum flexibility in terms of asset allocation and shall not be precluded from continuingly varying the exposure to equity securities, non-equity securities and money market portfolios as well as assets in liquid form. There shall be no investment restrictions other than those imposed by the Act and any Regulations imposed by the Registrar.
CPI + 5% per annum