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Prudential Balanced Fund (B)

Prudential Balanced Fund (B)
South African--Multi Asset--High Equity
Fund Code: PRAB
Inception Date: 28 June 2002
Regulation 28 Compliant: Yes

Pricing and Rank Information
Latest price 18 November 2019 R 6.58
12 month sector rank145 / 193
12 month overall rank957 / 1265
12 month volatility8.01
Performance as at 18 November 2019 1
3 months 5.34% 0.00% 5.34%
6 months 0.23% 1.72% 1.95%
1 year 4.59% 3.86% 8.45%
3 years 8.78% 12.04% 20.82%
5 years 16.91% 21.87% 38.78%
Fund fee and expense information
Management company annual fee2 0.69%
Negotiated management company rebate 0.00%
Fund TER as at 30 September 2019 0.94%
Less management company rebate 0.00%
Total Fund Expense 0.94%
Assets under management
Latest total assetsR 22,166.67m
Assets as at 30 September 2019 R 21,978.10m
Previous quarterR 23,200.56m
MoveR -1,222.46m
Income declaration and payment
Declaration30 June 2014
PaymentR 0.0853

Fees include VAT

  1. Price performances are based on historical price data, using a NAV price by NAV price comparison and exclude management company initial fees. Income performances are based on interest and dividend distributions of the fund.
  2. Management company annual fees are included into price and distributions paid.

Price History

Asset Allocation as at 30 September 2019
Domestic Bonds R 4681.34m (21.3%)  
Foreign Bonds R 463.74m (2.11%)
Domestic Cash R 246.15m (1.12%)  
Foreign Cash R 46.15m (0.21%)
Domestic Equity R 10098.94m (45.95%)  
Foreign Equity R 5479.14m (24.93%)
Domestic Property R 962.64m (4.38%)  
Foreign Property R 0.00m (0%)

Top Holdings Top Holdings Top Holdings
As at end September 2019 As at end June 2019 As at end March 2019
Prudential Worldwide Managed Fund 19.23% Prudential Worldwide Managed Fund 19.57% Prudential Worldwide Managed Fund 19.80%
Prudential Worldwide Strategic Managed Fund 7.21% Prudential Worldwide Strategic Managed Fund 6.50% Prudential Worldwide Strategic Managed Fund 6.57%
Bond Exchange of South Africa 5.19% Naspers Ltd. 6.27% Naspers Ltd. 6.03%
Naspers Ltd. 4.69% Bond Exchange of South Africa 5.43% Bond Exchange of South Africa 5.41%
Prudential Corporate Bond Fund 4.24% Prudential High Interest Fund 4.75% Sasol Ltd. 3.95%
Standard Bank Group Ltd. 3.56% Prudential Corporate Bond Fund 3.96% Prudential Corporate Bond Fund 3.86%
British American Tobacco plc 3.38% Anglo American plc 3.61% Prudential High Interest Fund 3.82%
Anglo American plc 3.34% Standard Bank Group Ltd. 3.47% Anglo American plc 3.58%
Prudential High Interest Fund 3.06% Sasol Ltd. 3.20% Standard Bank Group Ltd. 3.35%
MTN Group Ltd. 2.74% MTN Group Ltd. 2.66% British American Tobacco plc 3.26%
Total 56.64% Total 59.42% Total 59.63%

Fund Manager(s)

David Knee

Michael Moyle

Johny Lambridis

Fund Overview
The Prudential Balanced Fund conforms to the regulations governing retirement fund investments. The fund aims to achieve steady growth of capital and income through global asset allocation and superior stock selection across all industry sectors. Who should invest? Those investors seeking a suitable vehicle for retirement provision and those investors wishing to tilt their portfolio to value with minimised risk exposure.
ASISA South African - Multi Asset - High Equity Category Average